David Ashworth's Personal Mission:

* To bring ever-increasing  Spiritual Light to the People of Earth and the Earth itself

* To progress the Evolution of Spiritual Seekers

* To push the Boundaries of our Gifts and Talents

* To expand our Knowledge and Understanding of Reality

* To share the Knowledge of our Experiences

* To spread the Light of The Emerald Heart

A World First for Evolution of Consciousness

Visionary David Ashworth presents Direct Connections, where you can Request a Connection to the most powerful Evolutionary Light on Earth today, bringing you Transformation and True Evolution of Consciousness.

  • * Go Beyond the Inner Fears which Control your Life
  • * Dissolve the Energy of Limitation within you
  • * Unlock your hidden gifts and talents
  • * Accelerate your Vibration
  • * Learn to ride the Wave of Time
  • * Achieve True Evolution 

Direct Connections have been sent to Earth NOW to help true Spiritual Seekers to unlock the future and create a new reality for mankind and our planet.

Many hundreds of people from around the World are already connecting into this Light - view the list of current Connections here.

Three Simple Steps; In three easy steps you cna join hundreds of the world's leading seekers of evolution in obtaining a Direct Connection to the Wheel of Light or the Emerald Heart

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