Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Connections

(Answered by Dave Ashworth and The Guidance of Universal Consciousness)

* What are Direct Connections?

Direct Connections are an Advanced Spiritual Process governed by Spiritual Laws. A Direct Connection enables you to access powerful Evolutionary Light to accelerate your own Spiritual Evolution by dissolving the energetic limitations within your deeper consciousness.

1. You identify the Prime Limiting Factor to your evolution, with the help provided here.

2. We focus the light on it and begin to dissolve the energy in it.

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* How do Direct Connections Work?

Direct Connections are offered to you by Universal Consciousness in association with the Universal Law of Reflection.

The Law of Reflection works by reflecting your own truth in your heart.

If you truly trust and desire something with your heart, then you will manifest it.

Therefore, Universal Consciousness says that if you truly trust and desire a Direct Connection to the Light of Evolution, then it will be given.


  • Universal Consciousness watches the Truth in your Heart at all times.

  • Your success is based on Impeccable Intent.

  • Universal Consciousness watches your Truth and Intent at all times.

  • The Light is connected into you in equal measure to your Intent and Truth.

    • If your Intent is Strong and True, it is matched with Light.

    • If your Intent is less than Impeccable, it is matched with Light.

  • Trust the Process and you will achieve evolution and success.

The above Laws are the embodiment of The Universal Law of Reflection. They explain how the process of Direct Connections works. They work by reflecting your own truth and intent.

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* How Long Does the Light Last?

  • You invest in a 28 day Connection to The Light.
  • The Light is then poured into you for 28 days.
  • The Light is then guided and focussed by Universal Consciousness onto the energy of the fear or issue that you have selected.
  • The Light continues to remain active for 2 to 3 months, then begins to fade.

It is a bit like filling the fuel tank of a car, then going on a journey. Eventually, the fuel begins to run out.

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* How do I Request a Connection?

Follow the 3 Simple Steps in the web pages, then Request a Connection and make your payment via Paypal.

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* What does it cost?

A Direct Connection to The Emerald Heart Light is:  £70.00 per 28 day cycle
- which unfolds for around 4 months.

A Direct Connection to The Wheel of Light is: d;85.00 per 28 day cycle
- which unfolds for around 4 months.

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* How do I Know I am Connected?

As soon as you Request a Connection you will be listed in the Connections Database. You can view this database here:
View Your Connection.

To protect your identity, the database will only list:

- your first name

- your country

- the date of your connection

You will know who you are from the above.

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* What is an 'Issue'?

An issue is a pattern in your life which holds back your progression or evolution. An issue is always underpinned by a fear. So, really, we can say that fears hold back your development.

Fear is always located in the heart. When we work at unlocking evolution, we work at dissolving the fears in the heart.

There are many common fears, here are a couple of examples and what they mean, although you can find the same fear within different people with a variation on the meaning for that individual:

Fear of Making a Mistake. This is about lack of self-trust and a lack of trust in your own judgement, even a fear of trusting anything which comes from within you, like your own inner guidance. This type of fear dominates people's lives and does not allow them to express themselves. They become passengers in life rather than leaders and creators.

Fear of My Power. This fear is about power on many levels, but essentially it is about fear of really standing in that power and stating clearly what you want in any situation. It is also to do with power emerging within you.

Power is not about having power over others, but having power to uplift others. In some people, they have a distinct feeling of unworthiness, which is often linked with a Fear of Power. Because they feel unworthy, they never step up into the powerful role of trusting that they can help to uplift others. They think that they are incapable and therein lies their limitation.

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* How do I choose my Issue or Fear?

There are 3 ways to choose an Issue or Fear as you work through the process of Requesting a Direct Connection.

1. Choose from a list of Common Issues or Fears

2. Name Your Own Issue or Fear in the box provided.

3. Ask the Universal Consciousness to work at dissolving the issue or fear which is blocking your progress the most.

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* Is it possible to work with a Practitioner?

Yes, you can work with a Practitioner:

In 2006 The Emerald Heart School was established to train others to Connect their clients into the Evolutionary Light of The Emerald Heart and The Wheel of Light.

The training is intense and takes around two years. When a Practitioner is fully competent in the techniques of Connecting the Light through an Essence Program to a client, they are then listed on the Practitioner pages of The Emerald Heart website. You can find details at: where you can choose the Practitioner who resonates with you and then contact them direct.

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* How do I know that this is 'Real'?

The only way you can describe the Direct Connections is a little like believing something is real and because you believe it, then it becomes real. But, if you don't believe it, then it won't appear because it is outside of what you believe to be a possibility. That's crazy, isn't it?

Well, it's a bit more complex than this, but it's also simpler too. What you find as your consciousness begins to evolve is that you begin to see through the illusion that we consider to be reality. When this happens, it begins to turn your mind inside out a little, as you begin to understand that what you thought was real, isn't. So, you find that you have to begin to learn how to think in a totally different way.

When you begin to think in a totally different way, then you begin to learn how to create reality in association with the Universal Laws, such as The Law of Attraction and The Law of Reflection. When you begin to understand and trust these Laws, then you begin to manifest things into your reality. So, Direct Connections operate in this areaa of reality.

What this means is that if you feel it to be true and real in your heart, then it manifests for you. That's how you know that it's real, because you FEEL it in the HEART.

If it FEELS RIGHT, then TRUST it. If it doesn't, then walk away. That's how you should learn to judge everything. When you take the Leap of Faith and Trust the Process, it will work for you and then you will know that it's real.

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* Are Direct Connections New?

No, David has been connecting people into this light since 2003.

As the Higher Guidance developed the process, David was requested to create a Connections Database so that all the world could see who was being connected. Connections began to be listed in the database from February 2006.

All aspects of Direct Connection have been given through Guidance of Higher Consciousness and developed and tested over many years.

The Emerald Heart School, established in 2006 teaches how to connect others in this light of evolution through the use of Spiritual Laws.

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Three Simple Steps; In three easy steps you cna join hundreds of the world's leading seekers of evolution in obtaining a Direct Connection to the Wheel of Light or the Emerald Heart

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